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We provide services in the design, construction (BOP-civil works, assembly, and commissioning) stages, as well as operation and maintenance. At a national and international level, across different types of renewable energies (onshore/offshore wind, solar photovoltaic, hydroelectric, etc.).

Health and safety

  • Coordinators and Preventive Resources in construction projects.
  • Control, oversight, and coordination of outsourced maintenance
  • Document management: processing and management of accesses.
  • Reports and inspection
  • Proprietary safety inspection software.
  • Risk assessments, Hazip, Hazop, etc.

Quality inspector

  • Carry out quality control activities during the execution of works, be it civil works, securing and assembling structures, etc.
  • Quality control upon reception of materials (quality and quantity, according to the list of materials provided).
  • Audits and inspections
  • Monitoring compliance of planning during the execution of works
  • Quality of materials received and sent, as well as expiry dates.
  • Reverse logistics of quality control.

Document Manager

  • Document reviewers on site or working remotely. (Specialist personnel in the sector).
  • Management of document platforms: hiring suppliers, worker documentation, teams, and more.
  • Review/validation of documents
  • Proprietary software
  • Legal support and consultancy


Site Manager – Jefe de Obra

  • On-site supervision of operations, ensuring that health and safety and quality standards are observed.
  • Management of schedules and operations
  • Analysis of potential risks due to delays in deliveries, etc.
  • Control and maintenance of unloading, stocking, tools
  • Solving technical problems and reporting problems and defects encountered.
  • Etc.

Environment Technician

  • This person will ensure the project has all necessary environmental permits for the works to go ahead.
  • They will check that the planned Environmental Impact measures are implemented correctly.
  • They will identify unforeseen impacts to the Environmental Impact Study and prescribe suitable measures to mitigate, eliminate, or compensate such impacts.
  • They will verify the effectiveness of established and executed protective and corrective measures.
  • They will advise Project Management of any decision or proposed change affecting the environmental values of the area, noting any issues that could arise and proposing solution to minimise any potential impacts.
  • They will describe the actions performed, the inspections carried out, and decisions taken to minimise the environmental impact, by creating periodic reports.

Logistics Supervisor

  • This person will advise and oversee the loading, unloading, and stocking of materials and components.
  • They will inspect the condition of tools, lifting equipment, and carriers.
  • They will inspect the quality of components after unloading, during stocking, and prior to supply (at the port). They will issue an immediate notification if they notice any serious defects or incidents affecting the stocked materials.
  • They will review the signalling installed at the port and on route and in the design, as well as the compacting of the land, width of curves and roads, and cleanliness of paved stretches.
  • They will provide daily reports on loading, supplies, and unloading at the destination, including the description of works carried out, and keeping a record of docking and unloading times.
  • They will identify and report on environmental incidents (spills, etc.).
  • They will gather and manage the documentation of companies participating in loading, unloading, and stocking processes.
  • They will organise meetings and information talks with contractors, as stipulated by the logistics manager of the project or port.

Other on-site services

  • Administrative support personnel.
  • Other support services: material, legal-administrative, and international.
  • International regulatory studies: ORP, environment.
  • Administrative processes: personnel transferred internationally.
  • Others.

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